Fall/winter 2015 wardrobe plans

Wow…it seems so odd to be planning for a fall wardrobe. It feels so odd to be planning a wardrobe at all! Normally I just browsed stores and when I found something that I liked, fit and had a reasonable price, I bought it. Plus – it’s the beginning of August. It’s really still summer, or at least as much summer as we have seen in Sweden this year. Having written that, though – I love fall!

So, let’s start from the requirements – I’m a consultant, after all. What would I need in general for fall/winter?

  • Leggings, 3-5, Black, Purchase at Kapp Ahl
  • Socks, multiple, Misc, For inside boots and on leggings
  • Dress, 1-2, Multiple, Be able to switch off
  • Practical skirt, 1-2, Black/neutral, Be able to switch off
  • Simple knit tops, 5, Black/accent colors, Mix and match
  • Cardigan, 1-2, Black/accent colors, One cropped and one long? Maybe a knit one?
  • Ballerina flats, 1, Black, for indoors
  • Converse flats, 1, black/white, for indoors – Swedish staple
  • Boots, 1-2, black, Dr Martens and warm boota
  • Winter coat, 1, Dark grey/purple, Need this!

Unfortunately, while I’d love to, tights are a no go at the moment. Even with the biggest sizes I can find, the crotch depth is not long enough, which leads to rubbing. Also, they don’t always fit over the caboose and then tend to roll down. Leggings are the better bet.So, of this list, what do I actually need?

    • Leggings, 3-5, Black, Purchase at Kapp Ahl and hem to correct length.
    • Socks, multiple, Misc, Could use some basic ankle-length black socks
    • Dress, 1-2, Multiple, Need 2 – maybe a Lady Skater and a Gillian?
    • Practical skirt, 1-2, Black/neutral, Already have a black Pavlova but need one more. How about in plaid or corduroy? 🙂
    • Simple knit tops, 5, Black/accent colors, Mix of Bronte and Plantain?
    • Cardigan, 1-2, Black/accent colors, One cropped and one long? Maybe a knit one?
    • Winter coat, 1, Dark grey/purple, Have a black wool cape that is 50% done

I think that all of the random sewing I have been doing really does have a purpose: I’m looking for my TNT patterns so that I can actually build a wardrobe around them. I’m finally getting there as I learn more about fitting and my sewing skills improve. I’ve also learned a lot about what looks good on me, what colors I really like and what kind of patterns I wear (answer: nearly none due to corporate environments).

So, to buy:

  • 3-5 pairs of black leggings at Kapp Ahl
  • Buy socks
  • Lotsa fabric! 😀

To do:
Pattern, Number, Meters / ea, Comments

    • Winter-weight Muse Gillian, 1, 3 m, Need to finish the muslin I’m making to see how this works for me
    • Winter-weight Kitschy Coo Lady Skater, 1, 3 m,  Semi TNT for me; need to reprint
    • Bronte top, 3?, 1.5m, Love this – just need to get the neckline to the right depth. Will use solid jersey.
    • Deer&Doe Plantains, 2?, 1.5m, Dependent on number of Brontes 🙂
    • Mouse House Julia Cardigan, 1, 2.75 m, This will be the long cardigan
    • Muse Jenna Cardigan, 1, 2 m, cropped version; warm wool?
    • Black leggings, 3-5, n/a, Hem them with their own fabric
    • McCall’s 5764 cape, 1, n/a, Need to finish, see below
    • Pavlova circle skirt, 1, 2 meters, Low priority

Phew, what a list! good thing I’ve sort of done it in the order I will need the stuff.As for knitting, I have plans there, too! I’ve got the yarn and have swatched for a pretty lilac Rennaissance sweater. I’ve also got the yarn for a Sundottir in grey and cream – maybe I’ll do it a bit cropped? After knitting Fred’s monochrome sweater, I’m coveting the yarn for this Icelandic cardigan, too. Oh, right – I also committed to making a pretty little Norwegian cardigan for my niece’s Christmas present.  So many gorgeous things to make and only so much time!I’ve really learned that I’m a product and not entirely a process knitter.  While I love having something to do with my hands, I’m far more interested in having nice clothes that are in the colors that I  like and that fit me. The same goes for sewing, I’m finding.

Regarding the coat – I’ve got a McCall’s 5764 half sewn-up in black boiled wool. It was inspired by How many capes does a girl need? I I think I just lost interest last year, so it’s shoved in a bag somewhere. Knowing what I know now, I could probably do a better job of finishing it anyway. I think I chose it after the Lekala coat debacle (that’s another story) where I couldn’t get the sleeves to fit, so I decided something without sleeves would be easier.I ended up wearing a bright pink Mount Washington hoodie (vacation pics!) all winter – thankfully, it didn’t get very cold here in Stockholm last year.

Looking back over this post it seems…. optimistic. But then, I can make a Bronte top in an evening. At least now I have a plan instead of simply flailing around! I better go get sewing – that wrap dress isn’t going to sew itself and I’m hoping for a TNT.

Item Number Colors Comments

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