A different approach for Continental purling

While learning how to do a skill (picking up stitches for the button band for my black Hyss?) I found a new way of purling Continental style!  I can’t find the original video that describes the original technique, but I’ve found another example to share.

The lady in the video wrapped the yarn around the needle by just lowering fingers on her left hand. No difficult twist or anything like that – just down and then back up. You can see a good example at 1:04 in the video:

I originally learned to knit English style from YouTube and then my Norwegian MiL taught me how to knit Continental. I ended up learning how to purl Continental style from YouTube and choose the Norwegian purl as it just seemed to make the most sense for me and consistently keeps the yarn in the back. I avoided long sections of purling (and therefore knitting flat) due to the fact that it just took so long to do and so much effort. I always rowed out as well, even after having tried different needle sizes, tensions, etc.  While I still like my Norwegian purl for ribbing, this is new approach has far less movement and is much faster.

After completing a whole project having used this method, I am a complete convert. Purling is no longer a horrible chore and I am finally willing to start the Knitty Renaissance sweater, even though it’s knit flat. It’s like a whole new world has opened up for me! 😉

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