Gap-tastic cowl

Last December, when it was cold, cold, cold, I decided to use some bulky yarn to make a cowl. It’ll knit up fast, I thought. I’ll get to wear it practically immediately, I thought.

I thought wrong. 🙂

This is the project that went beautifully until 80%. At 80%, I left the bag with the project open, and the cats laid on top of it. They snagged it in such creative ways. I put down the project until April and figured I should finish it. I was able to repair most of the damage, knit the final row, and cast off.

After blocking, I forgot to clean the table before I put the wet cowl on it. It now has a bit of coffee smell to it. And the cats ran over it, again. It finally finished drying on the kitchen counter – who needs food?

While I know the result isn’t perfect, I think it did come out well:


It’s lovely, stretchy, and still pretty squishy even after blocking. And I love the texture of the broken seed stitch.



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