Happy, striped socks | what should I be writing about?

I seem to cast on a pair of socks each Christmas, finish at least one sock, and then finish the pair by sometime mid-spring. These weren’t any different as I cast off on 6 March. Interestingly, the only reason I did focus on them was because I wanted to start something else, and felt that I have too many UFOs (unfinished objects) floating around.

There’s something glorious about self-striping yarn. You keep knitting along, often in a simple sock pattern that highlights the yarn, and magic happens.

Here they are, in all their glory:



I haven’t been adding updates here because I’m unsure of how I want to use this site. I’ve done the personal branding thing, and I don’t need to do that at this point. Work definitely requires professionalism, but I can bring my whole self. If part of my life is enjoying happy socks, then why not share those?

I’ve been inspired by Doug, watching him add posts nearly every day – these updates are important in his life, but aren’t anything private. It’s nice to get the insight into his life. His posts are what made me think “Yes, I should share those socks”.

I’ll try and add more of this kind of short post – the important posts will float to the top anyway, due to higher traffic. Happy socks make me happy.


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