Trillian scarf: subtle and sweet

For a while there, I was on a Hitchhiker shawlette kick. They were just so easy to make and looked so cool, especially with the interestingly dyed yarns. Fred asked me if I would make one for his mother. I suggested Malabrigo sock and he chose this gorgeous Lotus colorway.

I cast on a Hitchhiker with the yarn, but I had used a 2.5 mm needle – I was hoping for a more drapey look. This is supposed to be a summer scarf, light and airy. I was also looking for an excuse to start a Trillian, because it just looked so classy. After a few weeks of debating, I frogged the Hitchhiker and cast on the Trillian, this time with a 3.5 mm needle. The results are absolutely gorgeous.


This was such a nice pattern to knit! For all that it looks complex, there are only two rows to memorize. It goes very quickly! Isn’t it so pretty? You can see the wind just picking up the edge on this picture.


Blocking was a bit of an issue… as I don’t have blocking wires nor a blocking mat, I did it on the bed.

2015-07-17 12.37.51

With a lot of dressmaking needles. I made sure it was cleaned up before He Who Does Not Like Needles came home. 🙂 It only took about four hours to dry out. In hindsight, maybe I could have been a bit more aggressive with the border, as other projects on the pattern page do have more spacing between the yarn-overs.

2015-07-17 12.40.36

One more picture, because Fred just took such wonderful pictures. 🙂


Thanks to Fred for the photography!

Wazabees @ Flickr


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