Fred’s new sweater has arrived!

It might be better to say that the raw materials for Fred’s new sweater have arrived. All sixteen balls of Icelandic wool in their monochromatic glory for the pattern “91149 Jón by Hulda Hákonardóttir“. The project’s working title is “Fred’s Monochrome Sweater“.

From pattern page on Ravelry, copyright Istex
From pattern page on Ravelry, copyright Istex

I was playing around on Ravelry last weekend. I turned to Fred and said, “So, hypothetically, if I was going to make you a sweater, what would you like?” After all, I shouldn’t make him a sweater as he doesn’t wear the one pullover he owns. The exercise was just for fun. I showed him a few patterns and had fun choosing colors and yarns. He did end up  liking this one, especially when I started talking about steeking it and putting in a zipper. I found the yarn, priced it and then put it away – the fun is in the planning. However, I kept thinking about it.  A few days later, I asked him how interested he actually was in this sweater. “Pretty interested,” was the answer I got back… so here we go! We aren’t married. Does this mean that I’m risking the boyfriend curse?

I will be turning it into a zippered cardigan by steeking,  probably raise the collar a bit so that it falls higher than a standard T-shirt collar and grade the pattern up around the chest and stomach. The pattern is available for free on the Järbö site – as long as I’m willing to translate the Swedish. I think I bought enough yarn to pull it off.

I need to finish sorting out the swatching for my Renaissance sweater, then I can get started with the pattern changes to make it work properly. I’m looking forward to getting started!


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