Sewaholic Rae linen skirt: my first success!

After re-reading this post, I realize it’s practically an ode to a skirt. A skirt! Then again, I really like this skirt. 🙂

When I first started sewing again last summer, the Curvy Sewing Collective was getting up and running and Sophie-Lee at the Curvy Collective did a review on the Rae skirt pattern from Sewaholic. On a side note, I can’t say enough good things about the Curvy Sewing Collective – they do so many good things! As far as I was concerned, the timing of the pattern release was perfect! Rae is meant to be a very simple project, useful for sewing classes with very good instructions. I needed them.

The fabric is medium-weight rough linen from Ohlssons Tyg in  Stockholm – it’s from their upstairs department, which I’m fairly sure is mostly curtains and other upholstery. Not knowing better and loving the texture of the fabric, I bought it and made View A of the skirt.

Sewaholic Rae Skirt
Finally, the sun isn’t in my eyes anymore 🙂

I graded it up simply by adding some space in the middle of the pattern pieces – again, I didn’t know better. Thankfully this turned out to be the right way to handle a simple pattern like this!

I remember this being my very first successful project. It came together beautifully and I stayed up until midnight (that’s late for me!) and kept Fred up as I was sewing in the bedroom. I even finished the inside seams with a zig-zag, though I didn’t know enough to do the zig-zag at the very edge. I would have finished that night, except that while I was doing the final hem, I sewed a couple of pieces together. It got finished the next morning.

It has become one of my favorite, favorite skirts.  It became so soft and wonderful. I tend to wear it with shirts tucked in, as it looks very good as a high-waist skirt.

One of the other things that I now know about is how to properly determine the hem-length. When I first hemmed it, it was a simple fold over hem which took up close to five centimeters of length. It is also considerably shorter in the back than in the front: the front is the right length, but I hadn’t known to account for the larger back-side yet. To get a tad more length out of it, I’ve now taken out the original hem and finished it with a rolled hem. Then again,  I didn’t have a serger back when I first made the skirt. 🙂

Sewaholic Rae Skirt
A tad short in the back – good thing I’m wearing shorts!

I have worn it all over the world, though always with leggings as it’s really is a tad short.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Sewaholic Rae skirt in linen
Boston, Massachusetts
Sewaholic Rae skirt in linen
Grand Harbor, Valetta, Malta

I really like this skirt. I’ve tried the pattern a few more times and it’s really dependent on the type of fabric that’s used.

Many thanks to Fred for the photo session!

Wazabees @ Flickr

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