My yarn overs were backwards!

I was a bit frustrated with my Rosy Posies project because I felt that the yarn-overs weren’t loose and airy enough. I’d seen something similar with my Monkeys, too – but I just put it down to my gauge being really weird.

It turns out that all this time, I’ve been doing the yarn-overs wrong.

I was wrapping the yarn clockwise instead of counter clockwise. It feels horribly wrong, but the results are good! The last repeat and a half have the new way of doing it; the previous repeats are with the yarn over going the wrong way.

I don’t feel as bad about ripping back on the Rosy Posies (yet) again – because now I can do it right. However, I’m losing track of just how many times I’ve knit the same pair of socks over and over again.

I did make a lot of progress this weekend, though! My Rosy Posies are back down to a ball of yarn, but the Beach Socks just need about another 10 rows of ribbing and then a bind off. As of right now, I have about another 4 repeats to go on the Monkeys, ribbing and bind off. So nothing is done, but the progress feels good! I attribute some of this to all the travel and movie watching: 6 or so episodes of Orange is the New Black, Shaun of the Dead, Rain Man and Epic.

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