Gothenburg bound!

So I convinced the people at work that they needed to send me to Gothenburg to assist on a project, which is why I now find myself on a train.

Taking pictures to show the Swedish countryside is difficult with my phone.

On said train, I’m supposed to be working. After all, there are people in Gothenburg who expect me to speak competently and I’m not completely prepared. But it’s a three hour train ride from Stockholm to Gothenburg and getting onto said train was stressful (long story) so I figured I deserved to work on my Rosy Posy socks for a bit.


I’m about half way through the first lace repeat. It’s certainly easier now with a chart on paper and the number of knit stitches written in.

If you look carefully you can see the neon orange embroidery thread I’m using as a safety line. I’ve knit so many sock toes over the last few weeks that I’m sick of it, especially when I increase from 16 to 32 stitches on each needle.

You can see my awesome new sock knitting bag, too! I bought it from Slipped Stitches on Etsy and it’s wonderful for sick knitting. The ball of yarn stays neatly in the bag and because it’s hanging off of my wrist when knitting, everything stays in place. Plus, I love the cheerful colors and pattern; when I saw it online, I thought it would be too bright, but it’s not.

It has occurred to me that there are probably yarn shops in Gothenburg. Never mind that I have no less than three sock projects with me (Rosy Posies, Upside-down Monkeys and Beach Socks) and that I can’t seem to leave a yarn shop without buying something….I can explore Gothenburg by way of yarn shops, right?

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