Just making noise

This 100 days of blogging might have been a bad idea. I’ve spent the day thinking about what I should write about and discarding ideas; I realized that I don’t need to write if I don’t have anything I want to share. It feels like I would be making noise for the sake of a checkbox rather than a solid reason.

So what is a good reason, then? For some people, it sounds like 100 days of blogging would be a way to build a habit. But you also want to think about audience. Am I just writing words to be thrown out into the ether? Am I writing to promote an idea? Myself? I usually use this platform to share interesting ideas and that can hold true for my sabbatical, too: if I want to make sure that I can look back and appreciate this time, then I should document it. The audience is partly me and partly anyone who may be interested in followed along.

This also got me thinking about democratizing publishing. In the past there was always time kind of bar to get words published, be it for a newspaper, a book, or even a paper. These days, anyone can put their words out there and anyone can choose to read them. Great — but just because you can say anything you want doesn’t mean you should say anything that comes to mind. Or maybe you should, if you want to. For myself, I think my personal filter is set pretty high — you do you.

Either way, this concludes my 100 days of blogging at day 2/100 – but I commit to documenting highlights over the next three months.


  1. Well I for one rather like the “noise” 🙂 A friend of mine once asked me to post more to my own blog, and when I asked her for content suggestions, she said that the ones she most appreciated were the “slice of life” ones: the posts that don’t have a big opinion or issue to talk about, but rather just a story about how your day went.

    I mean, I wouldn’t want to read one of those every day, but it makes for good reading once in a while.

    Ooh! You can also guest blog! Where you trade places with other people for a day and someone else blogs for you!

    You’re also welcome to borrow some of the subjects I’ve been meaning to blog about, though I’m not sure you’d care about / have an opinion on any of them:

    The AGPL
    The state of Canada’s Green Party
    Richard Stallman
    Sharing Carlos Maza’s “How to be Hopeless”

    Also, am the only one slightly disturbed by the fact that the adult holding the child’s hand in the sidewalk iconography appears to be headless?

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    • Thank you for this perspective! Maybe I need to know my audience a little bit better. 😀 It’s been a long time since the days of personal branding and I feel like the open source world is a lot more relaxed and friendly.

      Thanks as well for the topics – but I suspect those are better fits for you than me. When do you plan to write about them?

      As for the headless child: I hadn’t noticed how tiny the heads are until you pointed it out. It’s a little bit due to the camera perspective, but the heads are also just really, really small. I will notice this every time that I see this going forward. 😀


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