Toodledo and opening links in new tabs

Toodledo is my task manager and it’s great. I keep it in a pinned tab in my browser and try to make sure it becomes my task inbox in as far as possible. I use it to keep track of Slack items that I need to follow up on, by automatically moving starred items in Slack to Toodledo. My wishlist items even end up in there, with a link to the item in question.

Screen Shot on 2017-07-20 at 14-14-02.png

I love that you can see the task’s note in the overview (if you want, it’s crazy configurable), but the link always opens in the same window. As I keep Toodledo pinned, it messed up my system.  This has been brought up plenty of times in Toodledo’s forums, but they don’t want to change the default behavior of links – fair enough.

I’ve been doing more with Greasemonkey (I’m using Tampermonkey on Opera) and this kind of thing is fixable. I found a great script on Greasemonkey Hacks/Linkmania! that will force all offsite links to open in a new window. It works beautifully in most places, but not on the Toodledo site as it appears the links in notes aren’t being targeted.  I’m keeping it around as a useful script.

After some more digging, I found that a very kind someone created a script specifically for Toodledo: Toodledo links in new tab. It works! My links open in new tabs.  As the link is fairly deeply buried in a Toodledo forum, I’m making it more findable by writing about it here.

It’s the little things that make life easy. Thank you, mysterious bjornmartensson!

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