The Great Cape Adventure

Last fall (as in, October 2014), I became fascinated with the idea of a cape. It might be because of my complete failure to sew up a proper coat – I can sew, but getting stuff to fit my hips, bust and larger arms is a challenge. Enter a cape – this should be easy, right?

So I went inspiration hunting and dutifully dumped everything into Evernote.

K3667Kwik Sew 3667

The very first thing that caught my eye was this Kwik Sew pattern. uses it as a sample to show off their fabrics.

It looks so comfy, right?

There were two problems with it:

  1. The pattern only goes up to XL and I was a bit leery of upgrading yet another pattern
  2. I couldn’t actually find the pattern anywhere

Game over.

Manufacturer | Patternreview

Tessuti New York Cape

Tessuti New York Cape sample

This modified version of the Tessuti New York Cape looked pretty neat. I normally ignore Tessuti as their pattern range stops at an Australian size 16, but this version was already modified.

The original blog is now hidden, but there’s a nice write-up on the Tessuti blog: Suzie’s Modified New York Cape.

I really wasn’t too sure about this, though:

  1. How will that straight vertical line work with my hips?
  2. What will happen with the excess material between the arms and the body?
  3. Won’t my hands get cold?
  4. I’m not comfortable with that much binding.

I’m not sure anymore, but it could be that the pattern was not available digitally. As of writing (Jan 2016), the pattern is available for digital download.

Manufacturer | Patternreview

6007New Look 6007

I thought this was so cool! There’s a belt! And it’s drapey – it would work in an a-line shape! Love!

Inspired by Kestrel Makes’ Miss Marple Cape, I immediately went looking for the pattern. This post is what also made me consider the possibility of underlining.

It really was love at first sight… but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Drat. 😦

Manufacturer | Patternreview

Simplicity 5669

I found this post on Sewaholic and thought the result was fantastic: Simplicity 5669: Tartan Plaid Cape, Finished! Tasia has a whole series on how she made up the cape. I love how she used tartan!

Considering that it is a vintage pattern from 1964, I didn’t have a lot of luck finding it.

Manufacturer | Patternreview

140_0912_B_largeBurda Style – Cape (Plus Size) 10/2012 #140

I was running out of ideas. Burda is not usually my style.  Still, it would be in my size…

I ended up vetoing this for a number of reasons:

  1. It looks really drafty with those deep slits
  2. The long lines are elegant, but they wouldn’t hand straight on me due to serious hips
  3. I think the arm slits would not be practical in actual winter

Is there a nice way of saying that it just looks too classy for me?


carnabycapecoversmall_1024x1024Handmaker’s Factory – The Carnaby Cape

I have no idea how I found this, but I seem to have fixated on belted capes. I really liked Bartacks and Singletrack’s version in brown wool. Also: it’s free!

I ended up passing, though:

  1. I like the idea of a center front opening so that you can adjust for outside temperature
  2. I was afraid that pulling it on over my head would make my hair even more wild than usual
  3. I wanted something that would cover my arms

Still, it’s a neat pattern and I’m glad that I made note of it.

The Carnaby Cape FREE Sewing Pattern

M5764McCall’s 5764

I found this, so similar to the New Look 6007, and loved it. It doesn’t hurt that there’s a great, detailed review on The Sew Weekly: The “How many capes does one girl need?” cape. Also, Serendipity Handmade has a gorgeous version in grey.

What’s not to love about this pattern?

  1. It has a belt!
  2. I love the shape of the sleeves
  3. I’m not sure which collar shape I like best
  4. Sizing up to American 24W

I was able to find a copy of this pattern online, too! I just wish it had been available digitally.

McCall’s pattern info | Patternreview

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