Marius: the pink bomb

Given the success I had with the Little Boy Brown sweater, I decided to knit a larger version for my niece, Aubrey.

I loved working on it so much that it all went very quickly – I was even working on it on the plane to and from Malta in May. It was just such a pleasure to work with and there were almost no complications.  I have a good system for handling two different colors (both hands) and therefore steady tension. At this point, the pattern being in Norwegian is no longer an issue. I understand the different concepts and can go right along.

2015-05-17 16.49.05
At the computer

Knitting on a plane (picture or it didn’t happen, right?):

2015-05-14 14.02.44
On a plane

Here’s the final version, pre- and post- blocking.* All I did was soak it in water with some Euclean  and then lay it flat, evening it out. I had actually  put off blocking it for at least a week, thinking that I wouldn’t have time to let it sit in the water then pull it out after not too long. Satisfied that I was going to be home for a while, I put it in the sink at 8:00 … and then promptly forgot about it until about 18:00. When I remembered it, the sweater had sucked up all 10+ liters of water that had been in the sink.  It took two days to dry!

2015-05-18 21.39.26
Straight off the needles
2015-06-07 08.58.02
Blocked and dried

Unfortunately, I heard that Aubrey does not actually like pullovers – though the colors were spot on! As I’m not going to try and force a three year old to wear something she doesn’t want to, I’ve put it in a drawer for someone else who might like it.  It recently occurred to me that I could probably steek it and turn it into a cardigan. However, as I’ve understood, you usually keep a section free in the front for steeking; it might not be a good idea when unplanned. I don’t quite dare – so it’ll hang out in a drawer for a bit longer.

If you’re curious about the operational knitting notes or the pattern, please see the Ravelry project page.


*  Eek! I just realized that there is a sweater sitting in the sink full of water now and has been for at least two hours. I took a break from writing this blog post to go and rescue it. 🙂

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