Knitting in the train

I used to read in the train and still occasionally do. But it occurred to me that sitting in the train is prime knitting time: I can work on those socks that need just a little bit more concentration but whose pattern I do have memorized. I also note that I feel better after knitting, so why not?

This morning I’m playing around with some scrap yarn (aran) to make a quick little sock to test short row heels.

I still haven’t got the purl side looks good. I do prefer the heel flap, but there’s something about this that I just want to crank. Why, yes, I’m stubborn.

What strikes me is just how private the Swedes are, even here in Stockholm. I’ve been spoken to while knitting in public exactly once. Here on the train, nobody even looks at me. In Holland or the US,  there was a conversation started nearly every time.

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